Prudential RideLondon

04 August 2019 ยท


Just a quick one. This year the RideLondon event was amazing, we had perfect conditions, better than last years rain. A large group of us with all different abilities, which made it fun spurring each other on.

I rode 90% of the route with my two mates Dave & Dale, we tried to be as strict as possible about riding in a paceline, catching other peoples wheels like we were in a breakaway it was super fun.

After completing the event in a little over 5hrs with an avg speed of 19.3 mph. I have been thinking of ways on how I can beat that time, I hope Dave & Dale will be attending again next year so we can ride as a group again. I have started Project Full Gas, which you can read about in my other post.

A year of training through the winter, to hit some lofty targets. We shall see how I get on, I am hopeful but ya never know what roadblocks come your way.

Below are some photos from the event, enjoy!!!

ride100 ride100 ride100 ride100 ride100 ride100