paul bennett

Amature Cyclist

Location SW London
Birthday Oct 30th, 1984
Weight 70kg
Club Rapha RCC
Disipline Sprinter
Height 173cm


Since I can remember I was always playing around on my bike. Whether that was from racing at a super young age, to wheelying down the street on my MTB bike. I guess when my love for bikes truly came into form was in my early 20s, I had a group of friends who rode DownHill and of course I wanted part of the action. A few years later, many crashes later...The 2012 Olympics happened, where team GB took the world by storm in the cycling.

I was hooked and inspired like many others were, by the team's great success. I headed to my local bike shop and purchased my first road bike. I knocked DH on the head, didn't really enjoy the crashing, although it has given me great bike handling skills. Now my love for riding has turned into an obsession.

Although I am no spring chicken compared to the pros, I still love cycling and I know there is room to be a better cyclist. Now a member of Rapha RCC and with a plan to start racing. This is where I will be documenting that journey, I will share the suffering, the glory and all the bits inbetween.

You can follow the journey via the posts on this site by heading over to my posts section. You can also see what I get up too off the bike and in parts of my job here

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